Freddie Bear Blankets on a Wet Rainy Day

When my gorgeous nephew Freddie was born I crocheted him a blanket, it is soft and light and he loves to play on it, snuggles in it, make a den, wears as a cape and keeps warm in it.  A child’s imagination can make a blanket a million valuable things!


And when I was a little girl my mum had made a huge crochet blanket which I would play on on the floor, count the stitches, make tents and dens and later took to university. It is still going strong and decorates my bed in the winter and I won’t tell you how old it is!

And that is what I like about handmade gifts and treasures, they hold special memories.


Since making Freddie Bear his blanket and older brother Alfie Chops before that, I have made blankets for gifts for friends and family and today have added one to my Etsy shop.

The Freddie Bear is from very fine soft alpaca and take a lot of time to create but are so rewarding to make and give to loved ones. From selecting my colour palette to the finishing press and trimming of yarn ends, I love every stage of creating these blankets.



The rhythm of regular stitches is so relaxing and therapeutic.


20160629_112552-01And on dull day yellow is much needed!20160629_110951-01

But it’s not only the children that like to snuggle in a blanket on a wet rainy day, Wodger loves to hunker down in his bit of crochet blanket love too…it’s a family thing.


I do take commissions for your family loved ones and pets, everyone needs a cosy blanket to keep hugging through the years.


Mam Tor and Snow on 29th April…

IMG_20160429_183225I planned to walk a circular walk around Mam Tor yesterday but that was cut short due to a snow drifts and driving icy snow.   Mam Tor is National Trust owned land on the Castleton Road between Chapel-en-le-Frith and Sheffield.

It really is the most amazing, magical place, whatever the weather.  Mam Tor, meaning Mother Hill, was a Bronze Age settlement and burial mounds are still visible. On a clear day it is a favourite for paragliders, walkers and people taking a break from hussell and bussell of Manchester and Sheffield.

The walk I had intended to do is only a short three mile walk but as soon as I started to climb up to the ridge an icy blizzard was hitting my face and making it impossible to see, it was too dangerous to continue.  Wodge and I headed back down and turned to go around the back of the hill with the view of Edale, if you could see for the snow…


On a less snowy day you can see across to Castleton and the Hope Valley, round the back of the hill Kinder Scout and Edale. I headed back around towards Edale; cars, vans were stranded, I expect this here on a bad winter’s day but not in April.


Spring green leaves cling on in the snow.

20160429_124526-01 - Copy

A snow battered Wodge, but he really is happy, really!


I found this poor love who was stuck in the fence and freed her, she was dangerously close to causing herself severe harm.

20160429_125628-0120160429_123753-0120160429_124112-01-01 - Copy20160429_123449-0120160429_125608-0120160429_125502-01

The sheep and the cattle had come down from hills, hiding from the severest of winds.

I absolutely love Mam Tor, the scenery is stunning, whichever way you turn or walk the view is breathtaking.

20160429_125221-01 (3)


Go, make a visit, you’ll love every second of it.