We all have inspirations, some conscious and many unconscious.  Some of them don’t necessarily stand out, not all are the poster of Kim Wilde or Madonna on our bedroom walls encouraging us to be the next big pop star, some of them are more like hints, notions in a direction.  I do believe, just like our preferences, inspirations drive us to wanting to do certain things more, and indeed, some indicators may drive us in another direction and highlight things we don’t want to do at all!

I have already mentioned some of my creative inspirations, however, last week I went to two literary readings at the Buxton Opera House as part of the Buxton Festival, the first Julia Bradbury and the second Sarah Raven.  Both for me are inspirational women and make me want to get out there walking more and eating more healthily both for long term health and happiness benefits.

Julia Bradbury I greatly admire as for being the “outdoors guru” from bringing the outdoors into our living rooms on a Sunday evening while she was presenter on BBC Countryfile to her recent programme aired on ITV Best walks with a View .  For me she brings womanhood and youth to a outdoors pursuit which has been seen as for the older generation and dominated by men, go Julia!  She talked about her love of walking, how it increases your life expectancy and happiness, her inspirations (her Dad and Wainwright) and issues which concern her such as the inequality of women’s pay still today, plastic and it’s effect on the environment and bees, The Duke of Edinburgh 60 Award and more.

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And I was lucky enough to meet her afterwards for a chat and a photo, lovely one of Julia, I look like I am wearing a maternity tent and am slightly manic, I’m neither pregnant or manic.

JB and Amy

So how does Julia inspire me?  She makes me want to get out more, see more of our gorgeous countryside but also she’s a strong woman with a voice, ambitions, has great determination and grit, a strong family woman too.  That’s good enough, I want some of that. The inscription in my book in the picture above is an encouraging inspiration for me. Check out her website The Outdoor Guide for more.

Sarah Raven discussed in her talk the benefits of as she calls it “Good Good Food“.  Being a huge fan of holidaying in Crete she described how she was inspired by seeing the older women gathered in the villages chatting in the afternoon and how many of them reach ripe old ages of 80+ which made her want to understand how and examine their diet and her own.


This was a brilliant talk, Sarah Raven having been a doctor, before being know as a gardener and presenter, discussed the medical benefits of food groups, in particular the tomato, kale, beetroot and salad.  I have since cooked kale crisps and filled the fridge with beetroot, spinach, broccoli and kale. Her desire to feed her family well and increasing their life span is a great inspiration and understanding the chemistry of the food really helps you to understand the medical benefits further.


20160718_110024-01My last little inspiration today is a clip I found on YouTube, since starting yoga in March the benefits to my back have been massive, however, my teacher finishes for the summer tomorrow.  I am determined not to seize up and to carry on enjoying classes throughout this time.  I have decided to visit the Bikram Yoga Centre in Manchester in this time because, why not?  I can’t do it very well but it will be an experience, a laugh maybe but I am sure the health benefits will be massive, and I’ve never done Bikram before, hardly yoga until this year. I am a firm believer in not over thinking about things you want to do, just to do them.  So, looking into Bikram I found this link, it’s amazing.  I am inspired to be as bendy as anything!  Please watch, this woman is amazing and as she says, change!