Mam Tor and Snow on 29th April…

IMG_20160429_183225I planned to walk a circular walk around Mam Tor yesterday but that was cut short due to a snow drifts and driving icy snow.   Mam Tor is National Trust owned land on the Castleton Road between Chapel-en-le-Frith and Sheffield.

It really is the most amazing, magical place, whatever the weather.  Mam Tor, meaning Mother Hill, was a Bronze Age settlement and burial mounds are still visible. On a clear day it is a favourite for paragliders, walkers and people taking a break from hussell and bussell of Manchester and Sheffield.

The walk I had intended to do is only a short three mile walk but as soon as I started to climb up to the ridge an icy blizzard was hitting my face and making it impossible to see, it was too dangerous to continue.  Wodge and I headed back down and turned to go around the back of the hill with the view of Edale, if you could see for the snow…


On a less snowy day you can see across to Castleton and the Hope Valley, round the back of the hill Kinder Scout and Edale. I headed back around towards Edale; cars, vans were stranded, I expect this here on a bad winter’s day but not in April.


Spring green leaves cling on in the snow.

20160429_124526-01 - Copy

A snow battered Wodge, but he really is happy, really!


I found this poor love who was stuck in the fence and freed her, she was dangerously close to causing herself severe harm.

20160429_125628-0120160429_123753-0120160429_124112-01-01 - Copy20160429_123449-0120160429_125608-0120160429_125502-01

The sheep and the cattle had come down from hills, hiding from the severest of winds.

I absolutely love Mam Tor, the scenery is stunning, whichever way you turn or walk the view is breathtaking.

20160429_125221-01 (3)


Go, make a visit, you’ll love every second of it.


Head banging, traffic jamming…

IMG_20160426_201041 (1)

Head banging, traffic jamming, missed yoga, stopped the car, watched the snow and went for a long walk.

When you have plans to do something you want to do and it doesn’t work out…Traffic has been horrendous recently so I stopped the car, watched the snow fall over the hills and and decided to go for a walk.  It’s been “one of those days” so used the newly free time and walked the hills with my dog.  To be honest, I think I enjoyed it more than I would have enjoyed the class.  Sometimes there is a silver lining to every cloud.


Fresh air is all it really needs and balance has been restored.


And exhale.


Winnats Pass

IMG_20160422_214442 (1)

This is the view on my commute to work, sunrise at the beginning of the each day.  Last week I had been counting down the days and hours until I could be outdoors at the weekend.

By 9am yesterday I was at Winnats Pass, I didn’t want to see a computer screen or have an agenda, just to swap that for the fresh air and walking in the hills, that’s my relaxation.  I love Winnats Pass and what I love about it the most is the fact that millions of years ago it was under the sea and whales and sea life passed through those rocks, it’s a crazy thought and I love it.



For more information about Winnats Pass and the stunning surrounding area, check out this Country File link with recommendations of places to visit and eat.







Time Out

We took some time out from work, revision and exams all four of us and our dog and escaped to Delemere Forest in our caravan.  We set up and walked for miles, swung on rope swings, tackled GoApe! and visited friends in LLandudno.

Fresh air, chatter, laughter, mud, wet dog and calm from the everyday background noise.  It was what we really needed away from the hectic life we live.